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Our Programs

Learn more about our three main training modules and apply for those that suit your learning goals

Workshop-styled training sessions with lots of hands-on practice

Lessons curated and taught by Microsoft-certified experts

Continuous access to premium learning resources 

Flexible online and in-person schedules

Network of learners from diverse fields to enrich your learning experience

Excel for Work - Microsoft Excel Training


Excel for Work is Finex's flagship program, which introduces you beginner to advanced Excel skills you can use to solve problems in the workplace.


This program is the recommended starting point for beginner Excel users learning with Finex

Skills You'll Learn

Cell referencing and dynamic arrays

Formulas and dynamic arrays

Data visualization

Analyzing data with pivot tables

Goal seek, solver, scenarios and data tables

Data Analytics -
Microsoft Power BI Training


The Finex data analytics training gives you a practical guide on how to transform data in its raw state to valuable insights using Microsoft Excel and Power BI

This program is recommended for anyone that works with data regardless of industry and skillset

Skills You'll Learn

Connecting and shaping data

Creating relationships and data models

Analyzing data with DAX

Visualizing data with dashboards

Transitioning from Excel to Power BI

Financial Modeling Training


Financial modeling training at Finex provides you with just the right blend of Excel and finance skills to create industry-standard financial models

This program is open to anyone from any industry, but will provide more value to finance/accounting professionals

Skills You'll Learn

Accounting and finance fundamentals

Create timing flexibility in models

Run sensitivity analysis

Build model schedules

Model automation and financials

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