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The FINEX    Community

At Finex, we value the diverse skills and experience that everyone brings on board, whether as a student or a trainer. We value the importance of service, respect and open-mindedness in our community.

Alumni Story


"The Excel training from Finex has truly been invaluable to me even as a student ..."

"... Through their training, I was able to contribute massively to building an outstanding Excel model for a corporate finance project, allowing my team and I to earn top marks. 
Additionally, the ease and speed with which I operate in Excel now are remarkable. The skills I learned through finex continue to help me in ways I never imagined and I would absolutely recommend finex for anyone looking to improve their Excel skills."

King Torku, Ashesi '20

Upcoming Events

  • Excel Our Girls Graduation
    Excel Our Girls Graduation
    Sat, 10 Sept
    Location is TBD
    10 Sept 2022, 9:00 am – 12:00 pm GMT
    Location is TBD
    Graduation event for our second season of the data analytics and app building training for young women. 20 girls will be graduating for this cohort.

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