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Giving Back

We believe the skills we teach at Finex Skills Hub should bear fruits and improve lives. Driven by this vision, Finex Skills Hub has created training projects targeted at students and girls who may not be able to afford our regular training in Microsoft Excel, Financial Modeling, and Analytics. 

We have witnessed the immense value these pro bono projects have added to trainees in our various student communities. Most of them go into their various roles after school, well prepared and ready to take on the challenges of work.

Details of some of our current projects are below:


The main goal of this project is bridging the skills gap between academia and industry by inspiring student interest in Analytics, Financial Modeling & Microsoft Excel. 

Grad 1.jpg

The Excel Our Girls project is a fully sponsored, hands-on training program for talented undergraduate and graduate girls. The objective of the project is to train girls to build data-driven solutions using Microsoft Excel and any other programming language/tool

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