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Excel Our Girls

Bridging the gap: Inspiring young women to build data-driven solutions

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About Excel Our Girls

The Excel Our Girls project is a fully sponsored, hands-on training program for talented undergraduate and graduate girls.


The objective of the project is to train girls to build data-driven solutions using Microsoft Excel and any other tool (Python, R, Power BI, Power Apps, AppSheet etc..)


Each cohort will specialize in a special programming language and use this to build solutions for a recurring national problem.

The project will empower and create a pool of critical thinkers who will be leaders in providing practical data-driven solutions in their various communities or organizations. The program is currently sponsored by individual donors who believe in this vision of empowering our young girls.

Program Details

During the program there will be: 

Online classroom meetings to teach and discuss topics and assignments

Weekly physical workshops where participants will apply learning tips during the week

Guidance and support from industry players on specific projects designed by the girls

Competitive Capstone project where participants will build a data-driven solutions

Badges and Certificates to all trainees

Eligibility Criteria

Undergraduate or graduate girls who are not more than 25 years old and have an interest in solving real-life Business Issues using Data Analytics and Programming.

Alumni Story

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"Starting a career in the Tech space is an exciting idea but can get you lost as to where to start from, how to start it and how to grow in there ..."

".. These were my very challenges until I got the opportunity to join Excel our girls' first ever edition. 
My career path got tailored and became more specific. I got to learn a lot more about Excel(from how to get data, how to clean, transform and prepare it for analysis). I created my first ever dashboard as a results of the knowledge acquired and also got to  work on a practical data.  "

Grace Monanyun, Financial and Data analyst

Gallery from Previous Seasons

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