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The Excel Our Girls project is a fully sponsored, hands-on training program for talented undergraduate and graduate girls. The objective of the project is to train girls to build data-driven solutions using Microsoft Excel and any other programming language (Python, R, Power BI, Power Apps, AppSheet etc..). Each cohort will specialize in a special programming language and use this to build solutions for a recurring national problem.

The project will empower and create a pool of critical thinkers who will be leaders in providing practical data-driven solutions in their various communities or organizations. The program is currently sponsored by individual donors who believe in this vision of empowering our young girls.

During the 10-week program, there will be:

• Online Classroom meetings to teach and discuss topics and assignments

• Weekly physical workshops where participants will apply learning tips during the week. Meals will be provided at all the physical workshops

• Guidance and support from industry players on specific projects designed by the girls


• Competitive Capstone project where participants will build a data-driven solutions.


• Badges and Certificates to all trainees

Eligibility Criteria

Undergraduate or graduate girls who are not more than 25 years old and have an interest in solving real-life Business Issues using Data Analytics and Programming.

Apply for Season 2 using link below:

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