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At Finex Skills Hub, we organize challenges using case studies in Financial Modeling, Data Analysis & Visualization and other social/national issues. Members usually rely on topics covered in previous training sessions to deliver their results.

In our recent challenge, members were asked to design a dashboard that compares two daily Covid-19 reports from the Ghana Health Service side by side. The ideal dashboard should highlight the changes in each indicator and point the public to whether each change was good or bad.

Below is the initial image that candidates were tasked to improve on:

Four candidates made submissions. Each submission is presented below with a little summary on how it was made:


How it was made:

With Microsoft Excel.

  • A collection of column charts with dynamic arrows that shows the increase/decrease between the days. (This topic was covered in our previous training session).

  • The charts are controlled with a date button using a Combo Box. A transparent image with a covid-19 virus sits on the charts to harmonize the entire presentation.


How it was made:

With Microsoft Excel and Microsoft PowerPoint

  • 100% stacked bar charts that feeds on the data from an Excel Sheet.

  • The data series have been colored in red or green to depict the changes in each indicator


How it was made:

With Microsoft Excel. It can also be done in Power BI

  • The main element here is a Waterfall chart.

  • The waterfall chart is used to visualize the cumulative effect of a series of negative or positive values


How it was made:

With Microsoft Excel.

  • Using a simple tabular presentation

What are your thoughts? Which candidate nailed it for you. You can select your favorite candidate by voting on the link provided below.

Thank you.

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