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Mail Merging For Bulk Printing And Emails

One of the most under-utilized offices productivity tools sits boldly in Microsoft Word under the Mailings Tab. You can use the menu in this tab to start and complete a mail merging process that allows you to connect one primary Word document to a list/database/table in Microsoft Excel, Access, or Outlook.

After connecting this Word document to the list, you can create multiple versions of your Word document (letter, envelopes, labels, etc) by automatically filling in the variable parts of your Word document with data from these connected sources.

This is particularly useful when you are sending bills, payslips, product promo letters, etc. to many recipients and you want to avoid the difficult job of manually entering the details of each customer. Your completed mail merge document can now be printed or emailed in bulk.

In the webinar below, I walk you through the steps in this process and how to get the best out of this great tool. Practice along with the workbook using the link below the video.

Get the workbook for practice below:

Mail merge Excel
Download XLSX • 13KB
Mail Merge Word
Download DOCX • 15KB


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