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Building a Depreciation Schedule Using The Waterfall Method

One of the challenging aspects of building a 3-way integrated Financial Model is the Depreciation Schedule. This schedule in a Financial Model is used to forecast Net PPE balances and Depreciation for existing and new assets.

In the recap video below for our financial modeling class, we explore how to use the Waterfall Method to build a Depreciation Schedule. The case study is a past question of the Financial Modeling Institute's AFM ( exam

FMI ( administers official exams for three levels of financial modeling certifications (Advanced Financial Modeler, Chartered Financial Modeler, and Master Financial Modeler)- each gradually increasing in complexity and sophistication of business decision making. Exams sittings are held in April and October each year and deliver real-life applications of financial modeling. There is no industry work experience pre-requisite for FMI exams.

If you are in Ghana and would like to write the Advanced Financial Modeler exam, you can send "FMI" to WhatsApp number +233244782356 for details.

Business Evolution Systems and Training Limited (B.E.S.T. Limited is an approved training provider of the FMI in Ghana).


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